Received investment from Binance Labs, and will guide you step by step to interact with the Xtero platform project Palio "GameFi Hunter"

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Original | Odaily Odaily

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Palio is the first points activity launched by the Xterio platform in April, and the points earned will be converted into Xterio platform tokens in the future. Xterio is a Web3 gaming platform and publisher invested by Binance Labs, with total financing reaching US$55 million. The cost of interaction is very low and it is worth insisting on interaction. Odaily Odaily has compiled a super-detailed interactive tutorial based on Palio official documents for your reference.

Interactive website:

Before formal interaction, BNB needs to be cross-chained from the mainnet to the Xterio Chain. The cross-chain website is: .

STEP 1. Cross a small amount of BNB (recommended to be greater than 0.01 BNB) from BNB Chain to Xterio Chain, and click "Deposit"

As can be seen from the figure below, the cross-chain cost is very low, about $0.3.

STEP 2. Enter the interactive website ( click here ), click "Claim your Palio egg" to get your own Palio pet egg

STEP 3. Fill in the invitation code. By filling in the Bonus code, you can get additional rewards. The invitation code is: 33898032d5a7e1a73b8b92d9461fec70

STEP 4. Click the three "Claim" buttons below to create a "toy" for MINT to interact with Palio

STEP 5. Have a conversation with Palio AI and get a rating. The higher the score, the higher the corresponding Boost bonus (there are three dialogue opportunities to obtain the score). The specific relationship between the score and the Boost multiplier is as follows:

The conversation interface and scoring information with Palio AI are as follows:

STEP 6. Complete the social, daily, and weekly tasks below to earn points. The tasks are not very difficult, just follow the prompts.

The only thing that needs to be reminded is the "Cumulative Petting" task. In step 4, click on the "Claim" three toys to do this task. Click on the location pointed by the arrow in the picture below to use the three "Claim" toys in sequence.

At present, all interactions that can be redeemed for points have been completed, and task updates need to be continuously tracked in the future.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, there is a "Vote for Palio Star". Choose your favorite Palio character and vote for it. The Palio character with the most votes will become the mascot of the game. There are two reward rules for this part of the activity, respectively. for:

  • The higher the ranking of the selected Palio character, the larger the corresponding reward pool;

  • The more votes you cast for Palio, the higher your share of the reward pool.

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