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April Outlook is here, long awaited⬇



The Solana app hype has died down, and there will be opportunities to explode in the future. If you want to be more stable, follow @aeyakovenko to speculate. If you are pursuing some high-multiple returns (high risk), then scan the chain and find new application projects. Blue chips will give you the opportunity to buy at the buy the dips after the hype is over. There are a few lottery tickets, and just looking at them, I don’t buy many.'s currency issuance will focus the market's attention on Solana AI, pay attention to $NOS $SNS @gm_dot_ai , DYOR.

2/ LRT and Ethena

In short, it will be good for $PENDLE .

3/ BTC Ecology

Bullish on the leading $STX .


My AI native positions: $SAI @DeTensorIO , both are on Ether, the gas is relatively high, so be careful about trading.

5/ There are a lot of projects issuing tokens in April, so be careful about the risks. The overall market fluctuations should be huge.

6/ ETH Ecology

There are three main points, one is LRT, the other is Basechain, and the third is RWA.

Just take a look at the other parts, I feel there will be some unexpected opportunities. All in all, there is too much information in the market now, and I can't handle it myself. If you want to make a lot of money, the first step is to make subtractions and encourage each other.

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