The number of UXLINK certified users exceeds 5 million, and the “Link To Earn” trust mechanism brings high growth

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Odaily Odaily reported that according to the official website of UXLINK, its certified users have reached 5.01 million+, with more than 85,500 groups, and the number of covered users has reached 6.8 million+. Almost 100% of the users of "Social Monster" UXLINK are recommended by acquaintances and enter the network through the Link To Earn trust mechanism. Everyone and every data in the network ecosystem are connected. "Trust" has always been one of the difficult problems in the encryption world. UXLINK's innovations in two aspects provide a new paradigm to solve the pain point of trust: 1. Recommendation from acquaintances/Link To Earn, combining social relationships and assetization, this is the path to Mass Adoption Effective way; 2. Web3-based group, which is a new organizational form that makes it easier for users to form a consensus and is more in line with human nature. Currently UXLINK has covered more than 85,500 decentralized groups. UXLINK forms a unique protocol and data layer through the "Link To Earn" acquaintance recommendation trust mechanism and the user connection method and organizational form brought by "Web3-based groups", which will bring great benefits to developers and AI-related projects in the Web3 field. Come with unique value.

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