The Daily Degen- April 14th, 2024

Happy Sunday friends! Quite the weekend we’re having!

Let’s dive in!

Stats/alerts/etc at top and tweets/news/links/videos/etc at bottom… and all tweets are hyperlinked so just click on them to pull them up on Twitter!

Market Update

Crypto (from @CryptoBubbles24):

Gold: $2360.20

Oil (WTI): $85.66

US 10Y Treasury: 4.518%

Biggest Price Movers

(From @coingecko top 1000, by 24 hour change)


Take note good degens… the @hashflow Arbitrum incentive campaign continues and if you traded on Hashflow on Arbitrum in the last week you need to collect your rewards!

As background, Hashflow is a native cross-chain dex aggregator that helps traders source the best prices + liquidity available… enabling users to seamlessly transact across Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Optimism, Polygon, and Solana without the risk and hassle of bridging or using synthetic assets!

We are helping raise awareness about everything the good frogs at @hashflow have been building, so make sure to follow them on Twitter for more updates as well!

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Biggest TVL Movers + Else

Chains are extremely red today. Only top 100 chains green on the daily are Flare (#91) and Carbon (#98).

Protocols are extremely red today as well. Only protocols with at least $10M TVL up at least 10% on the daily are uncategorized protocol on Secret chain Shade Protocol, Mantle dex Merchant Moe, Solana dex Phoenix, and Osmosis liquid-staking protocol Milky Way Zone.

Here’s The Top 12 Chains By TVL (from @DefiLlama):

Here’s The Top 12 Protocols By TVL (from @DefiLlama):

Here’s The Top 12 Entities By 24 Hour Fee Generation (from @DefiLlama):

Bitcoin Fear/Greed Index:

(from @BitcoinFear)

Ethereum Fear And Greed Index

(from @EthereumFear):

Chart Of The Day

(Courtesy of our Official Sponsor @vertex_protocol)

-5 day chart of $BTC below - to trade $BTC or 30+ other perps and spot markets visit!

New Projects

(note: this includes new projects we find through combing Twitter each day, and we also include or re-include every newly launched protocol added by @DefiLlama that has at least some TVL or is followed by at least some of our mutuals - hence disclaimer: these are not pre-vetted by us so make sure to DYOR!)

-New protocol on Base called @Bitoro_HQ. Twitter bio states “Perp DEX aggregator. Leveraged trading directly from your wallet. Optimized with the deepest liquidity in DeFi.” Followed by 5 of our mutuals. h/t @CoinBeatsxyz:

-New project called @buildonriver. Twitter bio states “River is an open protocol that empowers you to build dynamic spaces with encrypted communication that seamlessly integrates your on-chain communities”. Followed by 4 of our mutuals. h/t @CoinBeatsxyz:

-New project called @certofi. Twitter bio states “Decentralized $stUSD stablecoin protocol with interest from RWA-backed P2P lending”. Followed by 3 of our mutuals. h/t @AresLabs_xyz:

-Something new called @udiomusic. No Twitter bio. Followed by 17 of our mutuals. h/t @AresLabs_xyz:

-New project called @EigenYields. Twitter bio states “Tokenizing @EigenLayer yields. Top 10 EigenLayer operator… Not affiliated with EigenLayer.” Followed by 6 of our mutuals. h/t @AresLabs_xyz:

Top Stablecoin Yields

(note: these are the top Stablecoin Yields, sourced from @DefiLlama (all types, $1M+ TVL) and @stable_fish - note: these lists are just raw data, make sure to always DYOR before interacting with any/all protocols)

Security Alerts

-Daily Reminder: Twitter (and other social media) is being absolutely inundated with scams and links to fake versions of popular defi protocols - please make sure to be EXTREMELY hyper-vigilant and triple-check before interacting with anything!

-Security alert c/o @WuBlockchain below:

Important News And Analysis

(key news, twitter threads, articles, videos, etc from last 24 hours)

-Geopolitical tensions led to a sharp crash in crypto prices, h/t @WuBlockchain:

-Legendary crypto investor @GCRClassic made a historic return to the TL:

-More bullish thoughts from @krugermacro and @dunleavy89:

-Interesting chart from @ColdBloodShill:

-Another interesting chart, care of @JandX_:

-Ticker alfa c/o @TheDeFinvestor:

-An extremely bearish chart of Starknet daily users has been generating lots of attention on Twitter:

-Tether apparently getting ready to release its new tokenization platform, h/t @paoloardoino:

-Alfa on Merlin Chain (Bitcoin L2 with rapidly rising TVL) c/o @o_ponle:

-Interesting data on debt vs gdp by country, from @KobeissiLetter:

-Anticipation building for @Parcl airdrop, h/t @NickDrakon:

-New video on Cosmos ecosystem and Cosmos-related airdrops c/o @Cryptocito:

-Interesting new @coinbureau video on Solana meme coins:

-New video on Runes c/o @drakeondigital:

-Parting wisdom c/o @JiraiyaReal:


Have a great Sunday friends and hang in there!

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