zkSync – Leading the way zk-EVM And zk- Rollup

2023/05/27 00:05
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What is ZkSync ? zkSync is a layer 2 built on zk Rollup technology with extremely fast transaction speed, extremely low cost per transaction but still inherits security from Ethereum. Let's go deeper into what zkSync is building.

Up to now, there are many projects under development on ZkSync such as

  • DeFi: ZigZag Exchange, 1INCH, Mute.io, Onto Wallet, Rubicon, Banxa, Yearn Finance, Taker Protocol, Woo Network, 88mpg, Compossable Finance,...
  • NFT & Gaming: Crypto Maze, Miniminidugeon, Tevaera, Openstar.org, NFT Pinas, nftperp, zkAnimals, zkEagles, tofuNFT, Mint Square,…
  • Infastructure: Maralis, Covalent, cBridge, Chainlink, Multichain, Meson, N Suite, Wido, RSS3, Omnia, Secure3, stakefish, Nomad,...
  • Some other puzzle pieces: Onto Wallet, Bitkeep Wallet, Automata,…

Matter Labs has officially launched zkEVM - one of the important steps forward for Layer 2 platforms in particular and the entire crypto industry in general. With zkEVM, developers on Ethereum or other Blockchain EVMs can easily extend their products to zkSync Era.

It is clear that not only the developers themselves are looking forward to zkEVM but the projects themselves are also looking forward to the introduction of zkEVM because in the long-term assessment, zkRollup still has obvious advantages over the Optimistic Rollup although in terms of basis. infrastructure is lagging behind. However, the zkRollup projects themselves are still full of problems.

This is a video that belongs to the list of in-depth analysis videos about project ecosystems, "heavy" and equally attractive narratives, to give you insights at a different level. with DeFi.

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