OKX Ventures: The GameFi track has good recent data, and it is expected that the market recovery will drive explosive growth in this field.

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BlockBeats news, on February 12, OKX Ventures released the latest report showing that as the macro environment improves, more funds and flows begin to flow in, and the popularity of GameFi continues to rise. The sector has performed well overall since last week. Currently, Lianyou has an average daily number of gamers of 2.05 million and an average daily transaction volume of US$7.38 million, a year-on-year increase of 39.6%. In terms of game player market share, Ronin topped the list with 610,000 players, a month-on-month increase of more than 100%, accounting for more than 29%. The top three games by daily transaction volume are “Axi Infinity”, “Treasure DAO” and “Gods Unchained”. OKX Ventures believes that as the encryption market picks up, industry infrastructure continues to improve, and various innovative projects continue to emerge, it is expected that more and more outstanding projects will emerge in the gaming field, thus driving explosive growth in the entire GameFi field.

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